The making of the cloud

This is me assisting Paul Owen and Marianne Harvey with their artwork for Seven with Another Digital form finding + CNC fabrication I trialled a process where the foam plug is overcut by ~5mm, then fibreglassed and finished with a thick layer of Boral cornice cement. The cornice cement is re-machined to a fine surface that can be patched, faired and then and sprayed with 2-pack paint.

Garmin / AyUp development

In collaboration with Simon Maurice, Ive been working up a neat little product for road cyclists. It’s a mount that attaches your Ay-Up lights and Garmin Edge GPS to the handlebars in a less obtrusive way than with their respective standard mounts. The product is available on shapeways for less than $40. A bit of a timeline of its development:

recent CNC projects

We’ve been busy running the CNC machine lately, making a range of interesting things in collaboration with Street & Garden Furniture Co. Chris Seymour Designs and Timport, as well as Benjamin Breitenstein, Forrest Gillham and Julian Munro for the upcoming Made Here Now exhibition at Artisan. Street & Garden use the machine to shape Kwila planks for some of their new public furniture products 1:48 scale superyacht model by Christopher Seymour Design

Shoot the Architect

We decided now that we were architects, and that the APA was being closed down, we should participate in the AIA Queensland ‘Shoot the Architect’ Portrait prize. Dave Hanson from Camera Obscura agreed to take the photo, and a big congrats to him for his high commendation – a great shot and a true professional. From Left: Peter Roy – Head of Practice, Louis Cheng, Elan Barr, Julie Derrick, Charles Rowe and that’s me on the right!

Shapeways Store

A quick not to say that my shapeways store is now open. in the coming weeks and months I will be adding a series of 3D printed products related to technology and mobility. You can buy them directly from shapeways, they will print them and ship to you within about 10 days. A pretty good service if you ask me!

Designing the Dynamic

Designing the Dynamic was a workshop and symposium hosted by the RMIT Design Research Institute and SIAL and led by Hugh Whitehead (Foster & Partners). The exploring the trade-off / absolute speed group focussed on developing a ‘physical parametric’ technique for designing sails. Over 4 days we created a series of models that tested design ideas as well as design process ideas. We all had a fantastically good time, going sailing and hanging out wit the laser cutter etc. A detailed account of the workshop can be found here.  

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